Yukimura Sanada _ Suji Kabuto with deer horn crest


Yukimura Sanada _ Suji Kabuto with deer horn crest

W: 34.80cm
H: 73.26cm
D: 36.81cm

Material:PLA(polylactic acid)


OBORO means “hazy” or “fuzzy” in Japanese, and is often used to describe the moon behind the thin veil of cloud. This state of ambiguity between the “visible” and the “invisible” has long been treasured in Japan as a sense of beauty.

KABUTO was a helmet worn by Samurai. Aside from its primary protective function, it also served as the expression of dignity, heroism and family virtue, later developing into an elaborate art form.

OBORO KABUTO is a life-sized 3D-printed kabuto turned into a lamp shade.
It has a built-in full color LED light, which you can control the color and brightness from your smartphone.

OBORO KABUTO is made-to-order.
You can order OBORO KABUTO on the Origamix website, and we will print the kabuto and deliver it to you within 2-3 months.

OBORO KABUTO is customizable.
You may create your own design, or mix and match the parts. We can also paint the kabuto like the original, or change the size to your liking.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 36.81 x 34.80 x 73.26 cm