Genki _ 64ken Suji Kabuto with Paulownia crest


Genki _ 64ken Suji Kabuto with Paulownia crest

W: 37.1cm
H: 42.9cm
D: 37.6cm

Material:PLA(polylactic acid)


Takara is treasure in Japanese. In Japan, treasure is not only a symbol of power, it is said to be congratulatory, auspicious things.
The etymology of treasure θησαυρος (thesauros) is the building to store.
takara of a kanji also expressed the state that a jewel and money are in the house in the same way, and we did the logo design of this kanji.

In Japan we are customs that decorate kabuto on children’s day of May every year. As kabuto are something that the samurai wear to protect, we decorate kabuto to protect our children from disaster and pray for them to grow strongly and healthily.

TAKARA KABUTO is a life-sized 3D-printed kabuto.
TAKARA KABUTO is a decorate item. You can not fight on the battlefield by wearing this.
We designed this kabuto with 3D CAD, output it with a 3D printer, and color it with acrylic paint.

TAKARA KABUTO is made-to-order.
You can order TAKARA KABUTO on the Origamix website, and we will print the kabuto and deliver it to you within 2-3 months. It paints by hand, so there are some differences from the photo.


This kabuto is not a replica. It is an original kabuto that we designed for viewing while incorporating elements of traditional kabuto.
This is one type of kabuto called “suji kabuto”. Suji is about streaks. Together with the hoe shaped protrusions on both sides, it is the most standard and sophisticated shape as a kabuto in the Warring States Period.
The crest is a “kirimon”with a motif of paulownia that is considered a tree where phoenix stops and is auspicious. It is used as a crest of the Imperial family from the Kamakura period, and in recent years it is used as a crest of the Japanese government, it is a very high-profile crest.

This kabuto is named “Genki”.
“Gen” refers to phantom, illusion. illusion. Like a ninja can not confirm existence.
“Ki” is “Oni” like a Ogre. Oni is stronger and terrible beings than human beings, sometimes doing good for human beings.



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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 37.1 x 42.9 x 37.6 cm